• Corporate IntellectualProperty Management

    High TechMinds provides Corporate IP Management and protection for creators, innovators and inventors. More >

  • Copyright Trademarks Trade Secrets Licensing

    High TechMinds Multimedia provides IP management for entrepreneurs, nonprofits and governments. Get Protected>

  • DirectMarketing and Research Media

    High TechMinds markets and manages marketing research for small businesses, nonprofits and governments. More >

  • Digital Rights Management Global Networking

    High TechMinds Multimedia provides management for Domain name conflict, online digital media distribution, and database ownership rights, and content sharing. International >

  • Knowledge AssetsCommercial Contracts and Transactions

    High TechMinds Multimedia manages intellectual assets in the supply chain. Acquisitions >

About Us

High TechMinds Multimedia specializes in Customer Acquisitions, Marketing and IP Management

High TechMinds Multimedia, licensed in 2006 is located at National Harbor, MD. The company provides two important aspects of management; IP customer captured assets and marketing ideas for small businesses, nonprofits and governments.

High TechMinds Multimedia is a customerCentric company that helps clients build an IP infrastructure that uses the growing power of IP assets and ideas as competitive intellectual toosl for business acquisitions and marketing.

Business Solutions

Digital Content

High TechMinds Multimedia makes, markets and moves digital content.More >

Contract Manager

Reseach and acquisition contract marketing and management.. More >

Digital Media

High TechMinds Multimedia digitizes and manages digital content and licensing.More >

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